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Written by Annouk Post - Sunday, 15 March 2009

Planning to ask your lover to marry you in an eco-minded and unique way? Than this might work. Pick the best eco fashionable restaurant in town and order a delicious organic cocktail. After singing the best serenade you have ever sung, go down on your knees and ask the BIG question. But….

After kissing and hugs you just need to add… “Love, before you get your ring, I need your wisdom tooth!” Surprise! I'm talking about Biojewellery a company that designs rings with bio-engineered bone tissue. On their website I read: “Biojewellery started out by looking for couples who wanted to donate their bone cells. Their cells were seeded onto a bio-active scaffold. This material encouraged the cells to divide and grow rapidly, and the resulting tissue took on the form of the scaffold, which was a ring shape”. The couple’s cells were grown in a hospital, and the final bone tissue was taken to a studio at the Royal College of Art to be made into a pair of rings. The bone was combined with traditional precious metals and each has now a ring made with the tissue of their partner.’

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