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Written by Annouk Post - Wednesday, 01 July 2009

Three answers from people who are working at The Key, the new international tradeshow for green fashion and sustainable lifestyle, which opens today in Berlin. Why should people definitely visit the Key these upcoming 4 days?

Initiator ‘The Key’ Frans Prins: ‘We are not only representing eco fashion; we will present the new international movement. I like to work with designers who are committed to the world and have a creative design approach on sustainability. I prefer working with designers instead of already settled commercial brands because these designers think innovative, not always big in a commercial way but they create change we need’.

Curator Ingrid Horsselenberg from Hiphonest, presenting the exhibition ‘Beauty can save our world’: ‘We will show that sustainability is not just a theme but more and more a natural starting point for shape and material concerning design. Our aim is to inspire the visitors. Sustainability will be most durable when you do it your own way.’

Participating designer Marie Ilse Bourlanges: People who visit the exhibition ‘Beauty can save our world’ will understand that fashion and design is something that affects us all. They will see that design can be sustainable in different ways an approaches and can have a deeper meaning’.

Visit TheKey @ Karl-Mary str. 97-99 12043 Berlin from 1 to 4 July during Berlin Fashion Week.

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