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Written by Annouk Post - Monday, 25 January 2010

Two weeks ago, Strawberry Earth organized a unique event in Design Hotel V in Amsterdam: the Strawberry Earth Hotel Crash. I was happy to have the opportunity to have a quick peek in the themed rooms, decorated by artists, brands and sponsors. The result was very original and refreshing, well done!

The attractive international line up promised to be a big success and the party was already sold out the week before. Slagsmalksklubben, Festa med Killar, Amsterdam’s own RedNose Distrikt and a live act by Lucy Love made it a party to be remembered. After the party, 96 guests helped to create a cleaner planet by sleeping in one of the themed rooms, created with the help of among others Studio Jux, Greenchoice, Anne Claire Petit, Aveda , Timberland and Simon Wald Lasowski.

Strawberry Earth, is a platform for creative people from all over the world who want to do something positive for the environment. Strawberry Earth, founded by Mette te Velde and Ikenna Azuike, follows the philosophy to focus on creative souls. It is based on the idea that cultural shifts and trends are mostly made and spread by these inventors with a feeling for change. By adopting this positive approach to the environment in their lifestyle, these trendsetters will set the tune for the bigger masses.

With their live events Strawberry Earth combines fun parties with instant results for the environment. Strong core idea is that the venue for these events, like a club, café, cinema or hotel will invest the revenue in making their business become more eco friendly. Strawberry Earth is a radiant network of people with an optimistic but critical state of mind. By contributing their skills in fashion, design, writing, music and organizing to a better and more beautiful world, I find them a big inspiration for Amsterdam, The Netherlands and beyond.

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