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Written by Annouk Post - Sunday, 15 March 2009

As a consumer, I have a lot of ‘daily’s’. Daily coffee, daily bread, daily yoga, daily chocolate etc. These needs scream for attention and like to be fulfilled. I indulge myself in these ‘daily’s'. My (bad) habits and not necessarily needed to satisfy ‘needs’. Recently a new ‘daily’ came into my life. My daily walk on the bridge!

Thanks to this bridge, my world became quiet and small, geographically speaking. Because on the one end of the bridge is my house and on the other my new office. Crossing this beautiful huge bridge today, I felt intense freedom and happiness. On my brand new Veja sneakers , looking into the blue sky and breathing in the spring air. It made me feel connected. This website is my daily bridge as well. A bridge between eco and fashion. Between ecofashionistas all over this globe. Between you and me.

Just a daily walk, on this daily bridge.

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