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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

horizon.jpgI regularly surprise people with my name: Kim is a common name for Chinese men. And then they meet me: a 2 meter tall and skinny redhead. It's not easy to be anonymous. I often joke that Dutch people are all tall, 'you know, when the water is coming, we still need to breathe…'. I could also say that I need my height to look beyond. Because 'kim' actually means horizon.

Monday, 23 March 2009


A university is like a factory of words and scholars come up with the funniest theories. Like ANT theory or Actor Network Theory which was introduced to me by my friend Nicholas. The first night we met, Nicholas unraveled the secrets behind this theory to me. I didn't understand much of it until he gave the example of his own PhD research. Nicholas is a fervent free skier and studies the free ski community here in Switzerland. When he misses a seminar, we always know he is doing 'ethnographic work' in the mountains. I've missed a chance this winter to see him jumping acrobatic moves while talking to his little tape recorder high on the slopes.

Written by Jenni Izzo - Sunday, 15 March 2009

Unfortunately, the amount of time associated with planning Green with Fashion has kept me away from the blog... but I'm back! Speaking of... the planning of the event is going really well and I am happy to report that over thirty designers will be featured in the show. For a full list of contributors, as well as more information on the event, please check out the website at www.greenwithfashion.t83.net

Written by Annouk Post - Sunday, 15 March 2009

As a consumer, I have a lot of ‘daily’s’. Daily coffee, daily bread, daily yoga, daily chocolate etc. These needs scream for attention and like to be fulfilled. I indulge myself in these ‘daily’s'. My (bad) habits and not necessarily needed to satisfy ‘needs’. Recently a new ‘daily’ came into my life. My daily walk on the bridge!

Written by Annouk Post - Sunday, 15 March 2009

Planning to ask your lover to marry you in an eco-minded and unique way? Than this might work. Pick the best eco fashionable restaurant in town and order a delicious organic cocktail. After singing the best serenade you have ever sung, go down on your knees and ask the BIG question. But….

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

In need of a fashion statement? Call the fashion police! We're three ecofashionistas on a mission: fight all fashion crime in this world! Plastic fantastic? We'll bring you hemp! Child labour? Strip it! Pesticide cotton? Not in our knickers!

Written by Sandra CastaƱeda Elena - Monday, 02 March 2009

india.jpgFour things I learned today from Indian organic cotton farmers:

‘Bhramasthiram’ literally means ‘missile’ in Tamil, but is also the name of one of the most effective bio-pesticides used by Indian farmers under ‘cow centric farming’, also known as ‘zero budget farming’ -it is actually also zero waste farming, let’s talk to William McDonough about that.

Written by Annouk Post - Saturday, 28 February 2009

This Saturday in Amsterdam, Streetlab is opening its doors as a “supermarket” at their temporary project space. This is a pilot project for a new gallery, showroom and shop. The next months, Streetlab will sell some inspiring young designer labels featuring some Hiphonest labels selected by YOI as well. The presented Dutch Hiphonest labels are: JUX, Intoxica and Supershirt.

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