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Saturday, 04 October 2008

WOW, cool jeans, eco?

Did you compensate your flight to Costa Rica?

I’m sorry but meat eating causes poverty, do you have a vegetarian dish maybe?

Great new house. Beautiful floor. Is it bamboo?

I’m sorry I need to catch the last train so can’t party any longer. No, I don`t have a car, I like nature too much.

Happy birthday! This funny smelling bath mousse is 100% organic from an Amazon fruit. Don’t you think that’s amazing?

Grüne grüsse aus Graz
Saturday, 27 September 2008

lederhosen2.jpgWhat does an eco fashionista do in a strange place during a four day CSR conference, with her head full of words, words, words on sustainability? She sneaks out for some fresh air and eco practice on her favorite topic and…………………..actually finds it!

Out There
Wednesday, 17 September 2008
eco-friendly shirt and woman

‘To do a show is one thing, but to stand there selling your own designs, that’s a completely different story. Because some people just say: ‘Jeez, that’s ugly!’ while I’m the one who’s created it. It’s my baby!’

Words of my friend Edwin who was still brave enough to become the salesperson of his own work. Physically I was in Zurich last weekend, but spiritually I was standing in De Bijenkorf right by his side. It was Dutch Design Week in the Netherlands and the designers from the Red Light Fashion Project were invited to sell their designs in a chic department store. Always doing haute couture and ‘made to order’ dresses, this was the first time in his life Edwin sold his work in this way, and he was pretty nervous about it, although he sold a dress and one of our eco necklaces from Brazil.

Freitag und freunde
Tuesday, 09 September 2008

It was a grey and rainy Friday in 1993. Two brothers sat in their flat overlooking Zurich’s highway. Both of them were designers and both of them were in need of a cool and functional bag. Inspired by the colorful trucks passing by on their way to Italy, they created their first messenger bag. Made of old truck tarp, straps from seat belts and bicycle inner tubes. At the time, the brothers had no idea they had just landed a hit. They were just happy that they could now use this strong bag while cycling through Zurich’s harsh weather.

The Swiss Life
Tuesday, 09 September 2008

An American, a Cuban, a Nigerian and a Swiss were asked the same question: Can you give me your own honest opinion on the biggest scarcity in the rest of the world?

The American answered: Ah yeah, but what’s ‘the rest of the world’?

The Cuban said: I don’t know, what do you mean by ‘my own opinion’?

The Nigerian asked: What does the word ‘honest’ mean exactly?

The Swiss said: I’m sorry but what is ‘scarcity’?

Ode to Annouk
Sunday, 24 August 2008

annouk.jpgIt’s a bit strange to see each other after such a long time. Strange and simple at once. Because we’re still partners. Connecting souls you could call us.

Five years ago we found each other in a dream. A dream to show young and trendy people that eco clothes were no jute bags anymore. On the contrary, they could be very fashionable combining good quality with great design. We lived our dream and initiated one project after the other. Fashion shows, workshops, video projects, photo shoots and more. All with the same message: spread the word on eco fashion! We worked with TV, with magazines, non-profit organizations, schools  and festivals. We co-developed a booklet for fashion students and most of all: we brought the first hiphonest eco labels to Holland. I know I sound like an old fool when I say we were proud to find and promote Howies, Loomstate, American Apparel and Beyond Skin at that time. Our network of creative young people grew day by day, because everyone adored what we did and we loved what we co-created with them.

Dialogue or monologue?
Friday, 22 August 2008

30 July
Hi A,
I have several people who want to buy the bags you produced in your atelier, can I place an order with you? And do you think I can receive them within the next three weeks?

31 july
Hi K,
Yes you can place orders but how did you do with prices? We never did the prices!!! If we have no problem with the leather it should be ok 3 weeks. Are we talking about both bags?

Summer of figs
Sunday, 10 August 2008

fig.jpgTwo years ago a little tree was planted on a small piece of land in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The tree had lived in a glass house for some time where it stood among the other trees. One day a couple came and they choose the little tree to take with them. It was a big shock for the little tree. First it was placed into a car, then it was taken out of the car and put into a deep hole. The little tree was not used to being alone and missed its friends the fellow trees the first few days. But then, after he finished complaining about his faith, he started looking around. He found himself in a garden surrounded by plants and flowers. In the glass house, he mostly knew the other trees that were his neighbours. But here he was the only tree, standing high above luscious lavender and pretty pumpkin. His first fear of the new place, was replaced by a feeling of contentment. He was a strong little tree, tall and straight and his roots reached out to stability. It was a hot summer and the little tree enjoyed the sun and the birds flying around. After a few weeks, it took a deep breathe and smelled the scent of roses that were blossoming by his side. The little tree realized it was happy.

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