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Kim @ ModeFabriek
Friday, 01 August 2008

MODEFABRIEK.jpgSometimes you can feel so vulnerable, you’d rather secretly dissappear off the earth. Like when you’re surrounded by tough fashion people who don’t give a damn about the planet, but mainly care about money. Yes these people still exist and yes I meet them once in a while. Although I have to say that I seem to attract mostly good encounters, which was the case at Dutch fashion fair ModeFabriek last week.

Recruitment and selection agency Fashion Solution was a warm host, giving young designers the opportunity to present their work. We (www.edwinoudshoorn.com) presented our accessories next to famous neighbours Iris van Herpen, Michael Barnaart van Bergen well-known for his paper dresses, streetstyle designer Antoine Peters and Carmen Gloudemans with her stylish Tesj bags. None of them particularly eco, but nonetheless great and inspiring artists.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008
DUTCHABLE.jpgUndutchables is a recruitment agency for international professionals in The Netherlands. Living in Amsterdam for ten years, I always thought: ‘Why do these people need a separate agency to find a job?’ But after one year in Rio I have a better understanding of what it feels like to be a foreigner. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brazil, in fact I love the world. Everywhere I meet great people, find beautiful places to visit and things to experience. But to be back in your own country sometimes feels like coming home. After one year in Rio where most people have never heard of a green lifestyle, I’m pleasantly surprised to find so much progress on this little piece of planet.
Bleeding in the Backhouse
Friday, 18 July 2008

It’s 4 am Sunday morning and I’m at Rio airport with four suitcases. Pedro is pushing a trolley with boxes in my direction. A heavy trolley with many boxes full of my eco accessories. We manage to pack all the stuff in between clothes, books and Natura products I can’t live without back in Europe. Maybe it’s not so practical to bring all that. My luggage overweighs with 80 kilos. A heavy load for my muscles. And my wallet. When everything is sealed and checked in, I drag myself into the airplane. I’m fast asleep even before it takes off.

My Neg√£o
Thursday, 10 July 2008

A street in a poor neighbourhood in Rio. Houses are some walls with a roof. No paint, no doors, no windows. Big holes in the pavement make me stumble and almost fall. I still haven’t figured out how carioca girls handle these streets in high heels. At the sound of shooting, a strong arm pulls me into a little bar. Five guys run past, yelling and treating their guns like lassos. After a few minutes of momentary peace, we can jump on a bus and take off to the safe zone: Zona Sul, where I live.

Thursday, 03 July 2008

JEITINHO.jpgJeito = a way. Jeitinho = way of doing things.

The deadline for my eco jewellery collection is Monday. At least that’s what the contract says. But the pieces won’t be ready…by far. So I’m stressed. I try not to, but I am.

I made the contract six weeks ago. At that time I was already worried. Because I know that people promise but not deliver. Or deliver but very, very late. I was worried so I discussed it with a friend. He told me not to put the deadline on the day of my flight but one week earlier. That would give me space to breathe. And renegotiate if necessary. I have come to that point now. Because the work is delayed. Maybe even so delayed that I can’t take it back to Amsterdam next week. I’m in doubt on what to do. Because I like my partners, they’re like friends. And I don’t know how to behave now. Angry, pushy, friendly, understanding. I don’t know. I need jeitinho.

Getting around in Rio
Wednesday, 25 June 2008

GETTING-AROUND.jpg Not having a car in this city is a great advantage. First of all you can be less scared about being assaulted. Second, you don’t need to worry about parking spaces, maintenance and everything that comes with owning a car. Third, you can be sure to encounter a lot of adventure while taking public transport or other means of getting around.

The other day a clown stepped into the bus entertaining all the passengers with his tricks, making some money in the process. Buses themselves are a real adrenaline booster since the drivers here use Rio’s streets as Formula 1 racing tracks. The joy I used to get from driving too fast is now being satisfied by the speed of the buses that take me all over town. But there is more....

Memoirs of a fashion journalist
Friday, 13 June 2008


Imagine youíre having fun being a fashion journalist. Travelling around the world, staying in amazing cities, seeing the latest in fashion. Maybe you sometimes get a bit bored, running around with your designer suitcase from hotel to hotel, from catwalk to catwalk, from party to party.

Then you should come to Rio for something different. Here we await you with a mini van without airco. Not at night but at ten oíclock in the morning on a Saturday. We take you from Hotel Gloria to Santa Cruz, one hour out of town. Youíre not travelling business class but are sitting on the lap of the French consul in Rio because of lack of space. The highway out of town shows you a part of the city without any glamour. Slums, open sewage, graffiti and lots of dirt are a welcome distraction from the glossy environments you know. A terrible smell accompanies you part of your journey.

Fan of Fibra
Wednesday, 11 June 2008

FIBRA.jpgFive guys in their twenties. Friends, surfers, skateboarders and passionate about sustainable design. They started their own incubator company two years ago and developed a great material called pupunha, made of a tree that grows here in Brazil. Since they like skate boarding, they designed an eco skateboard that won the IF Design award in 2005. Then they developed another material called bananaplac which they created with poor inland communities. They use the fibre that is normally wasted after the trees have born fruit and mix it with natural glue. This is an extra source of income for the farmers and their families. The placs are perfect for photo frames, lamps and notebooks that have already become my favourites.

Coca Cola wanted to work with them. Osklen wanted to work with them. And now they’re here during Rio Fashion Week. With a library lounge of amazing eco materials displayed on the walls. Each material with its own story and challenging possibilities to create super products. My guys are here, enjoying the free drinks in ‘their’ lounge, dancing to the samba house tunes and chatting with potential clients.

The name of this very cool company is Fibra . And I’m a big fan.

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