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Brand Profile: Larkspur
Wednesday, 29 April 2015



The Essentials

Lingerie is a delicate and personal subject.  The team at Larkspur knows every woman has a real body and a style of her own.  At Larkspur, they want to find the place between fantasy and reality, to create a place where women can be more comfortable with their bodies, and be more comfortable with expressing their true selves and their own fantasies. 

The Larkspur team is tired of society pressuring us to be a different person or a different shape than exactly what we are, especially while wearing our underwear. They choose fabrics that are healthy for our bodies and healthy for the environment, because we can and because it’s right, not in order to impress anyone. Larkspur styles are meant to skim and reveal, not conceal and compress. Their fits are meant to be comfortable around our curves, not to shadow them or cover them, or altogether pretend that they don’t exist.





Larkspur uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, Modal, which is a fiber  made a from non-irrigated pesticide-free crop using a low water process, and repurposed leftover designer silks and trims.  All Larkspur styles are sewn in house in Los Angeles, by sewers who are paid a fair wage.  They sew only enough to fill orders as they come, reducing material and labor waste.  At Larkspur, they are always looking for any opportunity to reduce their impact and create opportunity within their community, and they are dedicated to doing more good as they grow as a brand, with every pair of undies they make.




Find & Flaunt!

Los Angeles, CA, USA-Based

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