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Brand Profile: Rok Cork
Written by Eco Fashion World - Monday, 14 December 2015



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Where Nature Meets Luxury©

The most beautiful things in the world are found in nature. Grown in the gliding plains of Portugal, cork is beautiful, durable and sustainable. Rok Cork has harnessed this natural treasure and transformed it into timeless luxury.

Rok Cork is an emerging purveyor of eco-friendly, fashion forward collections of cork handbags and accessories for both men and women. Founded by Elizabeth Roque, Rok Cork is a reflection of Elizabeth’s love for her Portuguese heritage. Designed in-house at their Toronto atelier each piece she personally designs and ensures it is brought to life with cork that is only grown in Portugal, completed with subtle details drawn from her culture and handmade by generations of Portuguese artisans with a time honoured commitment to quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

The classic and on-trend styles are married with the longevity of cork meaning each piece is a statement you can enjoy for years to come. Rok Cork offers a stunning collection of affordable sustainable luxury that will rival top fashion designer brands. The bags are functional, stylish, and take cork to a whole other level with the myriad of colours, the dyes used in Cork are natural and based from things such as flowers, fruits, seeds, and the cork bark itself, every bit is used.





Rok Cork products are manufactured utilizing the highest quality of cork fabric. Cork is a natural material that needs to be harvested every 9 years in order to maintain the lifespan of the cork tree. Only skilled tradesman have the knowledge to use the machete in a way that will not puncture the tree.

Rok Cork products are all manufactured by small family run workshops, with a maximum of 5 – 10 employees, all with fair wages, regulated work hours, clean and safe environments.  Vew this video to see how Rok Cork products are a labor of love.  

Rok Cork products are also manufactured by generations of artisans, all handcrafted, from cutting to stitching, to final details, we don’t mass produce which makes our products very unique and limited.

Collections are designed and produced in limited quantities, Fair Trade certified, and organic. Cork is sustainably harvested and a regulated industry in Portugal. 




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Toronto, Ontario, Canada- based

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