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Brand Profile: Steel Pony
Written by Eco Fashion World - Tuesday, 24 February 2015



The Essentials

Steel Pony is a collaboration of Dennis Wolk and Joanne Litz, both artists in their own right.  They came together and fell in Love with each other as well as handmade clothing.  They started their business in 1992, marketing their hand dyed, hand painted clothing at Art Fairs.  Since then, the line has grown into a collection of Artsy separates with a boho vibe.  The collection is constantly growing and shifting, but at its core it is an Artisan Design company making things by hand.





Steel Pony clothing is made one piece at a time.  All items are hand dyed using low impact dye techniques, many of which also utilize little water to produce.  They manufacture close to home, reducing energy consumption.  In addition, they save all of their scraps and use them for other products, thus reducing waste.




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Philadelphia, PA - based
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