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4 All Humanity
4 All Humanity

The Essentials

Founders Zoe & Josh wanted to use the gifts they were given to change the world and help others. They believe that people are not given abilities and talents to be squandered on trivial things but to be used for a better purpose. Their passions for apparel and people blended together in a beautiful way, creating 4 All Humanity.


Josh’s background is in supply chain management. He worked in the apparel industry as an inventory planner and manager with experience in international sourcing, import logistics and US Customs, and fabric/raw materials planning. Zoe’s background is in apparel design with an emphasis on technical design and fit. She worked in the apparel industry as both a designer and technical designer.

4 All Humanity’s aesthetic or look is a mix of classic modern lines with natural organic forms. All 4 All Humanity's apparel and accessories are everyday wearable.

The 4 All Humanity motto: Apparel. Accessories. Changing the World.


At 4 All Humanity every product line is ethically sourced, as the 4 All Humanity team actively seeks out artisans, giving them access to a global market, encouraging their craft to grow through technical training and design assistance, and paying them a fair and livable wage. By doing this they are creating economic stability, promoting social justice, peace, and hope for the future in the artisans’ communities. The 4 All Humanity team not only has a commitment to the artisans but also to the environment. All cotton apparel is made with 100% certified organic, tote bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bags hand-woven in India, dyes used on the hand-blocked scarves are 100% natural, and the silk scarves are non-violent (no silk worms were killed to produce the scarf). 4 All Humanity is always looking to develop products sustainably using recycled or natural materials.

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Based: Topeka, KS/ United States 
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