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Across the world, traditional craftsmanship is increasingly being lost due to industrial mass production. On the one hand there are skilled people who stopped believing in the richness of their own crafts and traditions and, on the other hand, there is a new consumer longing for individual hand-made products with a story and a meaning.

“Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame” Thomas More

ABURY Collection celebrates culture, heritage, exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs from hidden places of the world, bringing a new luxury standard to surprising and unique products.

In 2007 Andrea Kolb went to Marrakesh with her husband to renovate a riad, a traditional house in the Medina. This was when she first got in touch with old craftsmen and was fascinated by their skills. At the same time she learned that many crafts are getting lost, as young people don’t see a point in learning a craft, as their parents don’t earn enough money.

One day she received an old Berber bag as a present – and she fell in love and took it with her wherever she went. She then started collecting them and learned more and more about the heritage and the stories of the bags and their embroidery. When she took the bag home to Berlin, many of her friends wanted to have one too. That was the moment when an idea started to come up in her mind:

"What if we could revive the traditional skills and educate women to help them to become self-sufficient? What if we bring in some modern designers, to make master craftsmanship fashionable? And what if we would share the income so that education and community development projects can be promoted?"

A Sewing School has been established giving Moroccan women independence and the chance of leading a self sufficient life with a fair salary, which is above the common standard.

ABURY is enabling the development of new Berber embroidered products, a result of a true collaboration between one of the most skilled artisans and innovative designers. An almost forgotten technique is now being passed on to a new generation of sewers.


ABURY has embraced a journey that is looking to enrich the world by bringing to life pieces with an inspiring story to tell. Every journey has its values - these are ABURY's:

1) Cultural Preservation: ABURY has started a sewing course enabling young sewers to learn and develop a technique that has been part of their culture for many generations. By using these techniques in new products and models they are helping to make them fashionable again and ready to conquer new markets. The ABURY Collection is commercialized worldwide bringing the awareness of these traditional crafts and techniques to a wider market.

2) Collaborative Innovation: As result of a meaningful collaboration, ABURY provides knowledge and access to the markets, while skilled artisans work together with young designers, bringing innovation to their fascinating traditions. Every piece is made with passion and is as unique as the symbiotic relation which fueled its creation, with a touch of "Fairy Dust" from it's cultural heritage.

3) Belief in a new Luxury: ABURY fulfills the needs and expectations of a new consumer that starts to be aware of the impact of Fast fashion and therefore looks for products that have a meaning and are unique. Every ABURY piece is handmade by artisans with great attention to detail, taking several days until the smallest embroideries are perfectly complete.

4) Revolutionary – ABURY believes that "Social" and "business" don't have to be polar opposites, they can in fact be two complimentary areas. ABURY wants to prove that social can be sexy, that women can buy high quality products that make them feel sensual and pretty while having the clear conscience that they are doing good.

5) Sharing - ABURY ensures that not only fair prices and working conditions are secured, but also that the profits are shared fairly. With this money, the ABURY Foundation is then able to develop social projects within the community, such as wells, schools etc.

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