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The Essentials

Every Celia Grace wedding dress has a story behind it that is just as beautiful as the dress itself.  Celia Grace wedding dresses are timelessly romantic and feminine with a touch of vintage and bohemian flair—perfect for a destination, garden, rustic, or religious wedding.  Their light-as-air eco silk is exquisite to touch, wear, and behold.  From exclusive heirloom silks, to a fair trade women’s sewing group, to a water filter donated to a family in need with every dress sold, Celia Grace is designed to better the lives of people and the planet. 

So many women and couples are trying to make their wedding more meaningful and joyful for everyone involved.  A Celia Grace wedding dress is a great way to do this—it shows how beautiful you are inside and out.

Celia Grace wedding dresses are available online and through bridal salons.  Browse dresses and accessories here: http://www.celia-grace.com/collection/.

Celia Grace. Be part of something beautiful.


Celia Grace wedding dresses and accessories are made from exclusive Cambodian heirloom eco silks.  The silk is made on a no-electricity traditional wooden loom, helping to preserve a traditional art form that was nearly lost.  Safe, non-toxic dyes are used to color Celia Grace silks. 

Every wedding dress is handmade for the bride by a women’s sewing group in Cambodia.  Seamstresses are paid a living wage and work in safe, healthy, and empowering conditions following fair trade practices. Seamstresses are treated like the smart, talented, professional women that they are – with upward mobility, reasonable hours, and even paid maternity leave. Learn more at http://www.celia-grace.com/about-eco-fair/fair-eco/

Celia Grace donates a water filter to a family in need in Cambodia with every wedding dress sold.

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