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The Essentials

CurleeBikini is a fashion enterprise favoring the environment specializing in made-to-order swimwear. CurleeBikini has refined their methods to create Mother Nature Mindful products; the atmosphere in which they create, their fabrics, and their creative operations all stem from the mission to embody a mindfulness throughout the entire design process.



CurleeBikini products are 100% handmade-to-order, to save the environment from unnecessary production emissions. There is no manufacturer in their design process... just a seamstress and her team working with nature, in the sunshine. All CurleeBikini Swimsuits are created utilizing repurposed vintage swimwear fabrics, remnant swimwear fabrics and organic fabrics with plant-based trims and findings. Throughout the entirety of their creative and business operations, CurleeBikini upholds strict standards of paper and fabric usage, zero waste policies and recycling policies.

-Clients are gifted a one-year warranty!

-CurleeBikini offers a discount under their policy of "360-degree Mindfulness"; Once the first year warranty has expired on a CurleeBikini suit, return your old CB swimsuit to them and receive 20% off a new CB swimsuit!

-Due to all swimwear being handmade-to-order, CurleeBikini aims to meet all of your swimwear needs the first time around, therefore eliminating the build up of any unnecessary waste. 


Find & Flaunt!

CurleeBikini has a Build-Your-Own-Bikini concept, because no two bodies are exactly alike!

-Order directly from the designer herself for a custom-sized, custom-designed swimsuit via www.CurleeBikini.com

-Shop for select CurleeBikini styles on www.FashioningChange.com

-Introduce yourself to the brand at a discount before Building Your Own Custom Bikini! Shop CurleeBikini's new Etsy shop for Sample Sale discounts and other great deals! 

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