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Fibre Tibet
Fibre Tibet

The Essentials

Fibre Tibet is all about high fashion but with a higher meaning.    Not only do Fibre Tibet products look great and feel wonderful but they are designed to make a difference in the world.  The latest collection from Fibre Tibet includes woven shawls, blankets and scarves featuring the finest, organic, undyed Tibetan cashmere and ultra soft yak wool.  The collection is inspired by the culture and landscape of Tibet. 

The Fibre Tibet collection is high fashion and equally high compassion formed with the collaboration of eastern artisans and european sensibilities.  The cashmere is collected by Tibetan nomads in Ngari Tibet and the pieces are hand woven by a cooperative in Kathmandu, Nepal all under the technical direction of Italian knitwear designer Alberto Zanone.

The idea of Fibre Tibet came together after Monica Garry, Founder and CEO of The Bridge Fund, sent a box of yak wool textiles, yarn and wool samples from Tibet to a friend, Alberto Zanone, a leading textile designer in Milan, Italy. Alberto and his wife Carla La Sorte joined Monica and The Bridge Fund team in Tibet to work with Tibetan nomads and improve the quality of fiber and eventually develop Fibre Tibet.

Their efforts resulted in a wool combing and collection program for nomads to improve the quality of fiber and gain a higher market price. Fibre Tibet not only produces beautiful textiles but was the first business to promote Tibetan yak wool and Tibetan cashmere as premium top quality fibres to the textile and fashion world.

A slew of celebrities have been seen sporting Fibre Tibet cashmere shawls with distinctive cerise pink and indigo blue motifs.  Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, Amy Tan, William Macy, Peter Coyote, Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts, Susan Sarandon, Alice Waters and Melissa Mathisen are all proud owners.

Fibre Tibet has been featured in W, Elle, Elle Décor, Glamour, Real Simple, Town & Country among others.



We all love the featherweight softness of cashmere but not all cashmere is created equal! In recent years the loss of pastureland and the use of antibiotics and hormones has degenerated cashmere quality in parts of China and Mongolia. Today, Tibet has become the source of the most luxurious, pure, natural, fine cashmere in Asia.

Fibre Tibet (www.fibretibet.com) is a special collection of super fine, organic cashmere shawls from Tibet which uses only Grade A cashmere.  Fibre Tibet cashmere, collected directly from Tibetan nomads, only consists of the longest (more than 36mm) and thinnest (less than 15 microns) fibres.   Hence Fibre Tibet is able to create the softest, pure cashmere shawls with less chance of piling or holes which are the typical issues of cashmere ownership.

All profits from the shawls are returned the nomads and artisans who live on less than $1 per day and as such the Fibre Tibet collection generates positive social, environmental and economic impact for Tibetan nomads and supports the development of businesses run by Tibetans in the Himalayan region.


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