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The Essentials

JUJUBE® is an Ecological Apparel Design label founded on 08.08.08 with a strong mantra defined by four core values:

Love the Earth,
Love People,
Love Originality,
Love Quality.

JUJUBE® designs clothes using environmentally friendly fabrics that are produced in a socially responsible manner.

Beyond designing ecological apparel, JUJUBE® believes that it is the combined responsibility of designers, producers, and consumers to affect change in our respective societies such that ecological fashion ceases to be the exception and instead becomes the status quo.


JUJUBE® prêt-a-porter eco-luxury women’s wear attempts a holistic eco-design approach by combining materiality with methodology, inspired by the motto “Save Cost. Save Space. Save the Earth.”
Using only 100% Lenzing Modal certified by the EU Eco-Label, JUJUBE® ‘s patented G.R.O.W. Modulated Clothing Design System not only minimizes raw material consumption, but also reduces wardrobe usage and increases the value of design exponentially.

By zipping modular parts to create whole dresses, one can generate as many as 25 different looks from just 5 modulated designs!

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Shop in Singapore at Parco Marina Bay or TerraPlana



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