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Julia Failey Jewelry
Julia Failey Jewelry

The Essentials

Julia Failey’s truly unique and beautiful jewelry mimics nature; the intricacies are echoed in visual detail and the simplicity and purity is demonstrated through the responsible choices in materials and crafting techniques.  Her styles are timeless as they brilliantly capture Mother Nature’s creations.  Designed and crafted in Chicago.    


The company proudly displays appreciation for the environment and supports the preservation of natural resources through partnerships with the following organizations and fundraisers:  The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Green City Market in Chicago, Hike for Discovery, Natural Resources Defense Council, Green Exchange, Openlands, and I-Go Car Sharing.


Shop online at Julia Failey , Nimli , Stars and Infinite Darkness , Stylish Organic Living , or at one of the following store locations .

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