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Kayu Designs

The Essentials

Sunglasses can get a little cliché.  Large, oversized frames. Check.  Round, retro Jackie O. style lenses.  Check.  Light yellow bamboo frames that stand out on the face? Here’s where KAYU diverges from the script.  Designer and owner Jamie Lim was born in the States, grew up in Kuala Lampur and Hong Kong and infuses her line with the natural beauty she found in her childhood.


One pair of sunglasses = one sight restoring surgery in the developing world.  KAYU collaborates with Unite for Sight Inc. , to promote preventable blindness.  For each pair purchased, KAYU donates $50, all of the funds needed for a sight-restoring surgery.  The frames are made from sustainable bamboo grown and made in fair labor conditions in Wenzhou, China.

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Shop online at Econscious Market or Visionary Boutique .

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