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Leila Hafzi
Leila Hafzi

The Essentials

Norway is known for its salmon, fjords and stunning landscapes, but not so much for its fashion design…until now. Haute couture designer Leila Hafzi is greatly inspired by the USP’s of her country. Her avant-garde designs include knitted sweaters, black stretch pants and super feminine evening dresses. Colors range from deep blues to fragile whites, bright greens to pretty pinks. All pieces are produced on order in Iran or Nepal.


Ethical from the start in 1997, Leila Hafzi continues to build her expertise on fair trade and eco practices. Her design and production company, Nepal Productions DA, is a member of The Ethical Trading Initiative in Norway. For customers searching for information on the production process, all pieces get registered with a product DNA at Respect Inside

Find & Flaunt!

Leila Hafzi’s couture collections are only available in selected stores in Norway, which you can find at Leila Hafzi

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