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Lila Organics
Lila Organics

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Lila Organics is a home grown clothing company rooted in the rhythms of Buenos Aires, Argentina and now based in the adopted home of Washington, D.C.

Leticia Franchi, the founder and owner of Lila Organics, has come to understand through friends and fellow yogis the importance of being comfortable to express ourselves - yet look good - while being aware of the impact that our interactions have on the environment. Lila Organics styles are created to feel and look good on any body type, and to be worn to yoga or any where you would like.

Maternity styles will wear beautifully throughout pregnancy and the transitioning period after.  The Mojo pants are the most featured yoga pants for men in the industry and offer great comfort and look good on any man.

The name “Lila” means 'cosmic' or 'divine play' in Sanskrit, 'good' in Swahili and 'night beauty' in Persian (Farsi) and emerged from Leticia's playing with fabrics as an extension to her sadhana practice. Being a yoga teacher, she wanted to find the comfort and the look that best described that intention.

Each hand-made piece is unique and continues to evolve from its original design as it is worn by all of us who are looking to reflect “Lila” from the inside out.  Lila Organics uses organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and soy blends which will make your body want to hug itself and make your skin feel happier.



All Lila Organics clothing is made from the finest organic materials including wild harvested, organic and fair-trade certified bamboo, soy, hemp and cotton.
From the fabrics to the dyes used to color them, Lila Organics consciously keeps the process as simple as possible, always respecting the eco-elements of the brand. Items are not mass-produced and therefore have inherent variations. Lila Organics clothing is made locally at its own production factory and is now beginning to adopt the usage of clean energy.

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Washington, D.C; USA based company
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