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Lozena seeks to make responsible fashion synonymous with luxury fashion. The Bulgarian heritage of the founders is the inspiration behind their designs as well as the reason they chose to produce their garments in Bulgaria. The Lozena team wants the treasures of the Balkans to be known, and to put their country on the fashion map. Lozena pieces are elegant and whimsical with an emphasis on fit.



When the Lozena team sources fabric, they consider each stage of the product life cycle and strive to choose materials that make a positive impact on the environment and the communities with which they do business. For instance, they use hand woven and fair trade fabrics, which reduce carbon emissions from factory machines, preserve traditional craft, and raise living standards for artisans. They only use organic cotton, and try to only purchase fabric dyed with low impact, non-toxic dyes, which helps to protect biodiversity and the health of farmers and consumers. Ideally, they would like all of their fabrics to be organic, but in the end, if it is a natural fiber they will use it. If the fabric is not organic, they look for the mill from which it is sourced to ensure the practice of sustainability in one way or another.

The preference of the Lozena team is to use natural fibers, but they will not shy away from quality, recycled material. As they are not trend-driven, they will reuse old fabrics to create new designs in the future. The Lozena team also recycles in their offices, searches for recycled paper products for printed materials and intends to send unused fabric scraps to recycling plants. Some of their waste fabric will go into limited edition garments. Lastly, they prefer not to carry large inventory to further reduce waste and unwanted goods.

Lozena clothing is made in Bulgaria – they have a close relationship with their producers and ensure they are satisfied with the working conditions and compensation. Working with people and companies that share their values is very important for them. For example, they chose their website host partly based on their environmental policy.


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