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Melissa Caron Jewellery
Melissa Caron Jewellery

The Essentials

Melissa Caron is the sole designer behind the creations of Melissa Caron Jewellery. A self taught goldsmith, she has spent more than a decade nurturing and perfecting her craft.
The inspiration for her creations is drawn from a lifetime dedicated to dance, travel, music, art, and the astounding nature surrounding her.  All of which are evident in the energy, form and fluidity of her work.  Silver, 18k and 22k gold form the foundations while precious rubies, diamonds, sapphires and so many more exquisite stones cascade among the contours.  Every piece of jewellery Melissa creates has a story, a name, and a portion of her heart and soul.  Her pieces are not just accessories, they are sculptural art for body adornment, wearable art to covet and adore for a lifetime.
For Melissa, creation is not a process, it is a quest and a way of life.  So become inspired and be left in awe.  Join her journey.


Each piece of jewellery by Melissa Caron is hand crafted with care and precision, some designs taking several dedicated days to create.  Melissa recycles her odds and ends of silver and gold, to create into new jewellery.  Any outsourcing supports local business.

One of Melissa Caron's strongest attributes is her custom work. She works closely with her clients throughout the entire process of design, choosing the shapes and the stones to create a product that they are delighted with. A great place to go for custom made wedding rings!

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