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The Essentials

It all started in 2002 when Parisian Aurelyen Conty saw some schoolchildren in Lima, Peru, wearing tracksuit school uniforms emblazoned with the word Misericordia, which means "compassion" in Spanish. It continued in Zapallal, a dusty Peruvian shantytown where a cheeky sign above the atelier door reads "La Cabaña de Alta Costura," or "the haute couture shack", where Conty designs his luxury retro-style sportswear for men and women in three emblematic colors: white for purity, sky blue for hope and navy blue for serenity. It ends in the hottest concept stores, from Paris to Tokyo, and on the backs of globetrotting trendsetters.


Misericordia goes beyond conventional fair-trade standards, considering labor rights and the overall well-being of workers. It uses Pima cotton grown in Peru, as well as some organic cotton and polyester.

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