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P.R.A.Y. Jewelry
P.R.A.Y. Jewelry


The Essentials

P.R.A.Y. is a socially conscious line of jewelry that is eco-friendly, recycled, and infused with healing energies and vibrations. P.R.A.Y.’s mission is to heal mankind one piece of jewelry at a time.  It is their belief that ~Consciousness is Sexy~ and by tuning into one’s truth and greater purpose in life, people are able to embody their most beautiful inner selves.  Their mission to heal the world one piece of jewelry at a time, infusing special energies into the pieces via ancient Eastern processes, taking great care & consideration for the people and products involved, including eco-friendly/recycled materials and positive, healing, energy.

P.R.A.Y. was born out of founder, Zahara Jade’s personal journey to find truth, purpose and healing in passion and share it with others.  Long-time traveler and student of yoga and related Eastern energies, she uncovered a way to impact the health and energy of people globally through art, while sharing ancient Eastern healing wisdom.  A portion of proceeds are donated to NGO's: The Cookbook Project, and Zahara’s own non-profit consulting work, Mala Magic, in developing countries with the terminally ill.  

The best sellers are the Dream Skull Ring, engraved on the back with Flower of Life symbol, Illuminate Om Necklace, and Awaken Necklace. P.R.A.Y.’s newest designs- launching in the next month- will be a huge hit as well, upcycled pieces incorporating 50+ year old vintage pieces from cities in the Far East.

Zahara says = “I’ve always been driven to follow a greater purpose in life. For me that was healing, I was challenged for many years with an autoimmune disease.  Later, I used my energy to inspire and heal others through art. Years traveling in the Far East, practicing yoga and other forms of energy work, I cultivated deep belief and experience, both personal and with others, in the powers of ancient Eastern energy techniques.”



Seeking to heal individuals through jewelry, it is of utmost importance that P.R.A.Y. Jewelry protect the environment during production and manufacturing.  Zahara works with a handful of craftsmen who are connected to the healer caste in the Far East, taught to infuse healing & protective energies into special Buddha amulets/statues, which they carry over into P.R.A.Y.  She also work with monks who further infuse the pieces, one in particular specializing in environmental protection.  All of P.R.A.Y. co-creators take an approach of non-attachment, doing no harm & adding good energy to the world.  It is P.R.A.Y.’s goal to bring this energy to the West via this line.  

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Chiang Mai, Thailand-Based 
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