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Pashen Collection
Pashen Collection


The Essentials

Pashen collection is an homage to art, craftsmanship, culture, sustainability and ethics in fashion. After working in the fashion industry and exploring various angles through visual merchandising, couture bridal design, sportswear product development, buying, marketing, and writing, Magaly Fuentes-Sagan’s path led her to sustainable fashion. Compelled by a lifelong appreciation for beautiful things that are hand-made and a newly enhanced understanding of love for our planet, Magaly embarked on a new adventure to create a little something that mirrors all of that – a collection of women’s clothing and accessories made by artisans in different corners of the world.

~Pashen Collection is a journey in search of harmony between fashion and nature~


Pieces from the initial collection have been made in collaboration with artisans in Peru, Thailand and Cambodia.  Pashen Collection aims to add new styles little by little and offer most styles in small, limited quantities to preserve their uniqueness.  Many items are crocheted or knitted using fine alpaca wool or natural cotton. Additional styles have been made with super soft Organic Pima, Tanguis Cotton or Natural Silk. Dyes used have come from plants, fruit, vegetables, and other natural, non-chemical sources. Artisans working with Magaly to bring these styles to life are paid fair wages and guaranteed a safe work environment. In fact, several of the artisans have been given a flexible schedule and the ability to work from their homes so they can simultaneously care for their families.  Pashen Collection aims to share a story with every piece that is presented to you.


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