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Positive Outlook Clothing
Positive Outlook Clothing


The Essentials

In a time where war, poverty, greed and catastrophe is favored in our headlines, it can be hard to keep a ‘positive outlook’ on life. Take yourself away from these stories and problems, and focus on what makes you happy, by surrounding yourself with the people and places which motivate and inspire you and you can begin a journey full of positivity.

Positive Outlook is a UK based independent clothing brand. They design and produce apparel and lifestyle products using sustainable materials and methods. Their goal is to make a positive impact on the world we live in and their customers, while enhancing their outlook on life. At Positive Outlook they strive to use and promote sustainable alternatives to current products and services, in order to reduce their carbon impact and help ethical and sustainable businesses to grow.

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Ethical: At Positive Outlook they believe in social responsibility, looking after our planet and the people on it in whatever way they can. They believe too many of us have become greedy so they have subsequently set a number of ethical principles which they follow:, no forced labor, no child labor, no abuse or discrimination, fair wages, working conditions and health benefits. Positive Outlook Clothing believes that if they themselves cannot produce the products they desire in this way, they will only use companies who adhere to these principles.

ECO: At Positive Outlook they strive to find, use and promote sustainable alternatives for every aspect of the company. They use sustainable materials such as organic-cotton, hemp and bamboo for their apparel. They screen print by hand using chemical-free water-based inks. All of their packaging and advertising media is 100% recycled, recyclable and re-usable. At Positive Outlook if they cannot provide these services themselves, they will use local companies who adhere to their principles.


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Coventry, Warwickshire, United Kingdom-based
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