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Purse for the People
Purse for the People


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Purse for the People is focused on manufacturing customized handmade bags in the USA. They believe in using business as a force for good on the planet.  Their story begins with a desire to see their hometown flourish and prosper.  The founder, Carole Murphy, says Butte, Montana, the town she grew up in, sometimes reminds her of Detroit with a designated urban blight area comprised of once opulent and beautiful historic buildings.  The community and its citizens are very determined to save their colorful history and bring revitalization to the town.  Murphy’s love of beautiful handcrafted items, fashion, sustainable business, and her hometown were all brought together in a marriage that gave birth to Purse for the People.
They are currently in phase I and initial launch of their company.  In phase I their bags are sold in several non-customized styles sold on the website: www.purseforthepeople.com. As they build capital and expand their market, they will expand into making the bags in the US. (phase II). In phase II they will offer a "designed by you" feature.  Each customer has the ability to design their own bag online resulting in a beautiful bag that is truly a creative unique artistic expression of you. 



By creating jobs, focusing on sustainable business practices based in the USA, they feel Purse by the People products have a positive impact on both a local and global scale.  The most fabulous thing about these bags is that each one is as unique as it is beautiful.

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Butte, Montana, USA- based
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