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Rain Tees
Rain Tees

The Essentials: 

Rain Tees is a line of t-shirts and apparel for women and children designed by youth living in endangered rain forests across Central and South America. Andra donated school supplies to the children and asked them to illustrate what they see happening in their world every day. Each Rain Tee features their thoughts illustrations and names. The result? Colorful graphics in bold colors that are sure to make you stand out in the everyday urban jungle.


For every Rain tee sold, a child involved in Kids Saving the Rain Forest, Costa Rica will receive a tree they can plant to replace one that has been destroyed.

Every Rain Tee is helping the planet by supporting fair trade and fair labor practices, promoting reforestation, creating environmental education for youth living in both endangered tropical forests and in our local communities and combating the negative affects of climate change and agricultural pollution by supporting organic farming and eco-conscious apparel production.

Rain Tees also creates “green jobs” for workers in rain forest communities so they do not feel forced to work in deforestation, animal trafficking or oil industries to feed their families.

Find & Flaunt!:

Shop online at The Greenloop , Red Envy Boutique or find a retailer at Rain Tees .

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