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Razimus Jewelry
Razimus Jewelry


The Essentials

Why be normal? Just be YOU.
Each fabric jewelry design is handmade from sustainable fabrics, including upcycled and vintage garments, organic designer cottons, and plant-dyed natural silk. Razimus Jewelry is designed to provide a unique, comfortable, and eco-conscious alternative to traditional jewelry.  Partnering with and sourcing materials from small businesses and artisan vendors, Razimus Jewelry works to create a supportive, sustainable supply community. Designer + Owner, Virginia Fretto - a trained fashion designer turned jewelry social responsibility advocate - creates each piece by hand with her team of local artisans in Saratoga Springs, NY.  

A razimus was the special word Virginia’s grandfather invented to describe a reward for hard work and a job well done.  Earning and actually receiving a razimus was always significant - no matter how small (a half dollar, a special treat, an art supply). Razimus Jewelry is an extension of her grandfather’s gifts. They are your reward, your special gift, your moment of joy. Wear them and be empowered for all that you accomplish each day.


Each piece of Razimus Jewelry is hand made using sustainable fabrics. Each design is lightweight, colorful and easy to fasten with the brand’s signature locking magnetic clasp. Razimus Jewelry also gives back. By empowering the growing community of Razimus Jewelry Brand Ambassadors to share this design philosophy & message, Razimus Jewelry also is dedicated to donating 1% of profits from Brand Ambassador sales to charities of the Brand Ambassadors’ choice.

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Handmade in Saratoga Springs, NY.
Find Razimus Jewelry online at www.razimusjewelry.com
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