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Real Jewels
Real Jewels

The Essentials 

Real Jewels was inspired by the desire to marry beautiful jewelry with a passionate respect for the earth's natural resources. Made in New York City from certified 100% recycled precious metals and fair trade sustainable gems, Real Jewels allows you to indulge your passion for jewelry without compromising the environment.


To help minimize the environmental impact that irresponsible mining and refining practices can have on our planet, Real Jewels exclusively uses recycled sterling silver and recycled 14 karat gold in the their manufacturing process. They use fair trade precious and semi precious stones, their diamonds are Kimberly Processed Certified and conflict-free, and the gold plated items they produce are all nickel-free.

To confirm that all the gems Real Jewels sell have been handled in accordance with Fair Trade Gems protocols, their supplier maintains complete chain of custody documentation, ensuring the entire gem production process meets their environmental and social standards.

Real Jewels is maufactured locally in New York City, by small family run businesses.

Packaging and print materials are all made in the USA. They use FSC-certified, 100% recycled, chlorine-free paper for their packaging and soy-based ink for all of their printing.

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