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Life is not what you do today, but what you leave behind.

At Relan, they take one piece of art and transform it into a new piece of art . . . making sustainability irresistible.  Each bag is a unique, one of a kind piece of art made just for you.  Relan is helping to save our environment one bag at a time by taking anything that can be cut and sewn and turning it into awesome, usable products from used marketing materials.  

Relan focuses on the education and communication of environmental and sustainable practices as it pertains to the re-purposing of the over 600,000 tons of vinyl billboards and banner material produced each year, most of which currently ends up in landfills across the US. Relan partners with customers to promote their sustainability initiatives by creating unique, usable products out of their billboard and banner marketing materials. All of Relan products are manufactured in the USA. 



All of Relan fabrics are second hand marketing materials which rather than being thrown away, are repurposed into unique, usable products. Each product is hand sewn in the United States, keeping jobs local and supporting the US economy. In addition to fabric they use recycled rubber tires on some of bags for the base, the handle, and corners. Any material that can be cut and sewn can become a Relan bag and they are constantly looking for new materials to salvage from the landfill to help save our environment!


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Based in Inver Grove Heights, MN -- USA
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