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Rianne De Witte
Rianne De Witte

The Essentials

Slow but steady wins the race: De Witte’s vision to combine natural elegance with timeless design is symbolized by her logo, a turtle containing a dress symbol. Her designs are often a surreal mixture of materials and shapes created with an obvious sense of humour. After having built a strong client base for ten years, Rianne de Witte is now being widely acknowledged for her work. In 2006 she received the Dutch Design Award and she recently designed a collection with celebrity Wendy van Dijk for Dutch department store V&D.


Sustainable from the start of her fashion house in 1996, Rianne de Witte always works with high standard eco fabrics in a fair trade environment. Her brand is linked to MADE-BY, the umbrella label for substainable produced fashion.

Find & Flaunt!

Visit Rianne’s own store based in the Reigerstraat 5 in Breda, The Netherlands, or shop online at Rianne De Witte .  

Click here to go to Rianne De Witte


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