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Simply Wood Rings
Simply Wood Rings

The Essentials: 

Simply Wood Rings offers an organic alternative to traditional metal jewelry.  Created by artist and woodworker, Gustav Reyes, each wooden ring celebrates earth's bounties, rather than exploiting its natural resources.  Reyes strives to create wearable sculptures that connect with individuals on more than a materialistic level.  The rings have been featured in many online and print publications, including Craft, The Knot, and Elite Wedding Collection.

Ethic Chic: 

Each ring is crafted from re-purposed materials.  Salvaged lumber from other craftspeople, remnants from old jewelry, elements from musical instruments including ebony from a guitar's fret board and rosewood from broken xylophone keys, even found materials such as concrete and rust are given new life and beauty in Reyes’ hand-crafted rings.


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