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Themis and Thread
Themis and Thread

The Essentials

Themis and Thread does not have a brick and mortar shop front, but is headquartered in the heart of The Finger Lakes Region of New York State, in Hector.  The fashions are hand crafted, never from a factory, and greatly inspired by the rich natural beauty of New York State’s Wine Country, and Seneca Lake.  The clothing is simple and beautiful, with a flirtatious Rock-n-Roll attitude: Closet staples with a new twist.  The Sweet Tee and Promenade Pants are the top sellers of this breezy line.



Themis and Thread is a new brand, entirely made in America.  The Summer Line is made from ethically and beautifully crafted Certified Organic Cotton. Refreshing, in an industry where most new and exciting fabrics are either made overseas or manufactured in The United States of America from imported fibers.  The effort to create safe working conditions, and support their domestic economy is deeply engrained with Themis and Thread’s vision of a sustainable American fashion industry.  Each piece supports our environment, our economy, and our closets! The various steps taken to produce beautifully crafted clothing and jewelry are contained within the smallest geographic area as possible, to limit the carbon footprint.


Find & Flaunt!

Themis and Thread is proudly based in Hector, New York, U.S.A.
The Themis and Thread team invite you to learn more about their commitment to human rights and environmental sustainability by visiting themisandthread.ecrater.com
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