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The Essentials

"ten trees are planted for every item purchased"

tentree is an environmentally progressive apparel company focused on protecting the future of our planet, and in tune with the pulse of today’s social media. Owned and operated by a group of passionate eco-minded individuals, tentree strives to provide ethically sourced, fashionable clothing while still giving back to the Earth.

At tentree, the team is dedicated to creating the highest quality product with a sensible and forward thinking message. Since starting in January of 2012, they have:

•    Entered into over 350 retail stores across Canada (now expanding into the US)
•    Planted over 1,500,000 trees
•    Gained a large social media following (over 250k likes on FB and 4 million views on Youtube)



Planting ten trees is a cause that every consumer can understand and relate to. Not only does it provide environmental benefits, it also has a powerful social impact.

ten trees will:

•    absorb over 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.
•    prevent soil erosion and return dry, arid land to its once fertile state.
•    protect species of animals critical to the world’s ecosystems.

ten trees will provide:

•    locals with a source of sustainable wood for building houses and cooking food.
•    meaningful employment to impoverished areas.
•    locals with over 6,000 pounds of fruit per year.

How do they maintain legitimacy?

Besides working with some of the largest eco-charities in the world, they attach a tree code on the tag of every product purchased. Every piece of apparel comes with a unique “token”, each with its own tree code specific to your ten trees.

Once your tree code is registered you can track your trees and see where they will be planted. The more codes you register, the more information you are given about your trees and their impact. It also allows you access to their growing online community. Think of it as your very own Golden Ticket to an exclusive club of eco-enthusiasts.


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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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