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The Essentials

After working in ethical/green fashion and apparel manufacturing for a few years, Ajaiy decided to take the plunge in an attempt to create a 'supply chain of happiness', by impacting the cotton growers, weavers and ethical apparel manufacturers to create a product with the conscience intact.  Hence the birth of a brand not very far from the core - Conscience!


At the core of Conscience is what they call a supply chain of happiness.  Conscience key fabric is cotton, grown by farmers who are empowered to use environment friendly practices.  The cotton is completely organic, called eco-logic cotton.  The next step of weaving is carried out by equally responsible handloom practices in the South of India.  The fabrics are then manufactured into fashion items at Sri Lanka Apparel's Garments Without Guilt certified factories.

Find & Flaunt!

Buy Online at Conscience or So Ethic Australia.  You can also view a list of their retailers , including stores in India and Sri Lanka.

Click here to go to Conscience


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