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Eco Criteria Series Part VII: DIY
Written by Magaly Fuentes-Sagan - Thursday, 29 March 2012



  a pair and a spare


The most sustainable thing to do is to limit consumption – yes, stop yourself from buying new things.  Anyone can take something old or combine a few old things to make something new.  For those of you who have some doubt in your abilities, there are tons of sites across the web, fully equipped with step-by-step instructions, pictures, and even video tutorials.  Putting a spotlight on fun DIY projects, here is a list of resources you can look to for copious amounts of inspiration and guidance:





DIY Fashion is a super fun, colorful and uber-helpful site displaying fashion DIY projects collected across the web and carried to a singular spot.  You can search under categories of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, jewelry or accessories.  They accept submissions so if you have a crafty style project that you would like to share with the world, submit away...


a pair and a spare


A pair & a spare offers on-trend DIY fashion solutions and inspiration with two DIY projects posted weekly (Tuesdays and Saturdays) as well as random posts with ideas and pictures added throughout the week to get your creative juices flowing.  A pair & a spare even offers you a detailed 5-step guide on how to get started by gathering tools, inspiration, thrifted clothes, extra materials/notions, and some free time!




Honestly…WTF is packed with bright, interesting, and full-of-energy images segregated into categories including art, travel, home and beauty.  They also have a DIY section with lots of great tips on how to re-create designer finds (mostly accessories) on your own. 



 Love Aesthetics


Love Aesthetics is a fresh, modern, and edgy site presented through the eyes of a 23-year old journalism student.  She collects things that inspire her and has a DIY section where she re-creates the looks she loves on her own and shares the steps in a recipe-like format.  





Stitchless is all about offering easy tips to make clothes.  Loaded with step by step instructions with corresponding images as well as various videos, Stitchless makes it almost look too easy. 



P.S. - I made this...


P.S. – I made this… has a unique approach – collage-like boards are posted for each DIY project, with pictures showing you every step of how to make things ranging from Lucite necklaces to embellished heels, starting with a snap shot of each tool and material you need and followed by images of each step in the project with corresponding notes.  



The folks over at ThreadBanger encourage you to create your own style versus ad-influenced, store-bought styles using some of the techniques and tips they offer for fashion, home décor, and more.  A super-handy tool on the ThreadBanger site is their directory, crammed with a list of web resources including magazines, how-to’s from other sites, and more.  Check out this recently posted video showing how to make a pretty multilayer tribal necklace.

There are loads of websites and blogs to help invoke your artsy-crafty inner-spirit.  If you are more interested in a guide you can hold in your hands, check out this list of DIY books from goodreads.  Whatever your preference may be, the sources are there so get looking now - Be inspired to DIY!

Stay tuned for Part VIII to conclude the Eco-Criteria Series with a focus on the many charms of vintage fashion and how vintage contributes to sustainability. For a full outline of what is to come within the Eco Criteria series, read our 'Intro To Eco Criteria' article.




EFW US based writer Magaly Fuentes-Sagan has a broad range of interests spanning art, fashion, travel, environmental issues, health and wellness. With an AS in Fashion Design and a BA in International Business and Marketing as well as a comprehensive fashion career that has included couture bridal design, sportswear product development, visual merchandising, buying and marketing management, Magaly brings the scope of her experience and passions to her written work.

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