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Earth Day Every Day
Written by Eco Fashion World - Wednesday, 22 April 2015


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." ~Albert Einstein

This year we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. Today, 192 countries celebrate Earth Day, with many lobbying groups and environmental organizations using the holiday to encourage government action on behalf of Mother Earth. Let us all ask ourselves how we can better make every day Earth Day...  


Here are 7 tips to encourage you in making every day Earth Day:


  1. Walk, ride a bike, use public transportation, and/or carpool
  2. Conserve water by being conscientious of leaving faucets running or taking extra long showers or baths
  3. Pay special attention to home insulation and efficient heating/cooling systems, and open windows as often as possible, rather than using heating/cooling systems to moderate temperatures inside your home.
  4. Consume less
  5. Eat locally grown, seasonal foods
  6. Reuse, repair and repurpose things, rather than buying new
  7. Compost


This is our home, where we live, where we grow, where we love... let us work together in making every day Earth Day.


Happy Earth Day! 


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