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Impact Conference Miami
Written by Magaly Fuentes-Sagan - Sunday, 29 April 2012


Photo courtesy of Triton Submarines

EFW news and events typically revolve around the more aesthetic aspect of eco fashion.  The excitement that comes with discovering emerging designers, viewing new collections, attending shows, and watching dreams come alive is palpable but there is a less obvious side to what we do which is very much at the heart and is a crucial aspect in pursuing our goals as a team.


We strive to stay connected to the reason why our initiatives revolve around sustainability and we consistently challenge ourselves to reach out to other like-minded people and organizations to share and learn as much as we can.


The third annual Impact Conference was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center last week.  The three day conference closed the week long events of Sustainatopia , which has been dubbed the Art Basel for environmentalists. Featured events included discussions between carefully curated panel members and their audiences. 


I attended the Conference opening on Monday which included a talk given by Bruce Jones of Triton Submarines, and a second talk by opening keynote, Jean-Philippe de Schrevel from Blue Orchard . The conversations revolved around the imminent collapse of our fisheries and promoting environmental stewardship by taking people underwater in submersibles to help them reconnect with Mother Earth and see first hand, the damage that has been caused.


Later, I attended two panel discussions:


The first was Media2Movements (discussion on how Media fosters Movements) with speakers Jason Rzepka from MTV, Nicholas Ibarguen of Poder, and Amaury Blondet of Discovery Networks, where the panel members all offered individual input on how both traditional media and advancements in social media have been and can be used to inspire and invoke change. 


The second one was New Funding Initiatives in Social Enterprise with speakers Juan Pablo Cappello of Idea.me, Eduardo Alarcon of Cause Populi, and Seth Elliott of Engage Media Technologies, discussing new approaches for funding social enterprises including crowd-funding and some hybrid models attempting to marry social ROI with economic ROI.


Photo of John Rosser, Courtesy of JD Lasica

John Rosser, the founder of Sustainatopia says, “We had the biggest conference and festival ever, with thousands of attendees from over 60 countries.”


There are a few events we mark on our calendar under the category of “do not miss” and Sustainatopia and the Impact Conference are undoubtedly in that category. For more details on people and organizations who took part, the many events involved, and to stay on top of things in order to attend next year’s events, visit Sustainatopia or the Impact Conference – Miami site.




EFW US based writer Magaly Fuentes-Sagan has a broad range of interests spanning art, fashion, travel, environmental issues, health and wellness. With an AS in Fashion Design and a BA in International Business and Marketing as well as a comprehensive fashion career that has included couture bridal design, sportswear product development, visual merchandising, buying and marketing management, Magaly brings the scope of her experience and passions to her written work.


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