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Written by Erda Schnarr - Sunday, 13 February 2011

Some women have been married for years and have expressed a dissatisfaction for their current wedding rings. Some say that the style is outdated or does not suit them anymore. Some say that they did not have the funds at their wedding time to invest into a ring that they truly loved. This feedback has inspired the launch of 'Recycle Your Love', presented by the Sonja Picard Collection.

Picard sits down with her client and their current ring. She listens, consults, and creates a design that reflects the woman her client has become. Keep posted on Facebook for before and after pics of recent transformed items. Picard also transforms jewellery that has been inherited by women and is destined for the drawer where it will never be seen again. Many of these pieces are symbolic of love stories gone by. Create a new memory with a piece of jewellery that you will love and wear today.


And onto another fun filled Valentine's inspired story…



Sell your ex boyfriend's clothes for free on Valentine's Day!

It started with a fun question posted on The Big Wardrobe's forum, "Should I set fire to my cheating boyfriend's clothes?". Thankfully, everyone said "No." However, one respondent wrote, "Sell them and go shopping with the money." The trend spread like wildfire and women everywhere started to list their ex-partners clothes for sale on The Big Wardrobe, the online fashion exchange where members can swap or sell their pre-owned fashion purchases.

A special Valentine's Day promotion is now planned for February 14th 2011. "It all started off as a bit of fun but news quickly spread and before we knew it, thousands of single women were joining to sell their ex's clothes," said Jamie Hutchinson, co-founder of The Big Wardrobe. "As a man I should probably be taking the other side but I can't resist. So, on Valentine's Day, we're waiving all fees and letting women sell men's items for free!"

So take those unwanted reminders of your boyfriend (or husband) out of your wardrobe, and free up some space for that new spring dress you've had your eyes on. Treat yourself, on them. Happy Valentine's Day.





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