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Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles Conference
Written by Eco Fashion World - Thursday, 30 April 2015





Sass Brown, a highly respected author, educator, and supporter of the ethical fashion movement, is one of the organizers of a four-day Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles conference (now going into its second year) for the Fashion Institute of Technology's Summer Institute. The conference will be held June 8-11, and ‘Reinvention and Innovation’ is the theme for this year’s series.

Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles is a four-day series of lectures, discussions, site visits, and hands-on workshops focusing on sustainability and technology in fashion and textiles. Designed for industry professionals as well as academics wishing to broaden their understanding of sustainability and how to support its integration into the industry, this interdisciplinary program will be important for designers, technologists, educators, and those involved in creation or production, as well as those seeking greater business and professional knowledge.

The presenters are thought leaders in the field who provide current information, hands-on experiences, and fresh perspectives. Sessions have a broad-based focus on the business of fashion and sustainability from both corporate and SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) viewpoints, giving participants from all areas of the fashion and textile industry an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and expand their outlook. A diverse range of offerings lets participants choose workshops suited to their own interests. They will leave with a new understanding of a vibrant industry that stands at the intersection of design, technology, and business.

The conference is small and intimate by design (only 35 participants), as the organizers found it lent to a level of intimacy, familiarity and comfort simply not possible within a large conference. The participants are a mix of educators from around the world (across the US, India, Puerto Rico, Brazil, UK), and industry professionals (Eileen Fisher, Harley Davidson), many of whom have shared concrete, measurable outcomes from last year’s conference, such as building a natural dye garden, moving the company over to sustainable packaging and hang tags, etc.  This year’s line up of speakers, round tables and hands on labs is exceptional. The opening speaker is Paul Dillinger - the Head of Global Product Innovation for Levi Strauss, followed by a panel from Eileen Fisher led by Amy Hall with representatives from across their entire supply chain from sourcing, through design to PR and marketing, and discussing their Vision2020. Bob Bland and Makers Row are part of a panel on Re-shoring. There will also be a natural dye workshop with FIT dye expert Ajoy Sakar in collaboration with Liz Spencer of the Dogwood Dyer; Susan Easton of From the Road with Dara Brewster of Dara Artisans on a Soulful Economy; Becky Earley, the Director of Textile Futures and the MISTRA Textile tToolbox, and TED 10 Sustainability measures.

The Sustainability in Fashion and Textiles conference has also established a collaboration through which they will be offering the Textile Toolbox exhibit  http://www.fitnyc.edu/21994.asp  for the first time in the US, which will be on for 2 weeks and open to the public - this is super special!  

Additional facets of the conference will include Lewis Perkins and Loomstate on the Cradle to Cradle Fashion Positive program, and the program closes on day 4 with Bolt thread and Suzanne Lee, the founder of Biocouture and now Creative Director of Modern Meadow.

For more information, please visit the Fashion Institute of Technology website.


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