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Written by Laurel Borrowman - Sunday, 20 February 2011

Vancouver Eco Fashion Week kicks off this Tuesday, promising seminars, runway shows, and meet-and-greet events to stimulate the senses of eco-conscious individuals and trend-setters alike.

Get a first look at cutting edge collections by ethically-motivated, enviro-friendly and innovative designers who have met Eco Fashion Week's Eco Criteria, at a plethora of runway shows spanning four days. Staged in the Salt Building in Vancouver's Olympic Village, the runway will host the fall 2011 collections from 22 eco-conscious designers from around the world.

Eco Fashion Week sets the bar high; getting in on any of the runway shows will be sure to impress, but there are a few in particular to watch for.

Kicking off the week will be acclaimed Vancouver designer Jason Matlo (February 23, 2 pm at the Shangri-La Hotel), debuting his very first eco friendly collection at an invite-only event. Past collections have solidified his finger on the pulse of elegant and luxurious women's designs, and to see him rise to the challenge of creating an environmentally friendly collection is sure to make jaws drop.



Nicole Bridger - Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 2010. Photo by Peter Holst Photography

Thursday, February 24th will be a true testament to the dichotomy of styles in eco fashion. Nicole Bridger, winner of the first ever Eco Designer of the Year award in Canada, will showcase her fall collection at 8 pm in the Salt Building. While her summer 2011 collection features women's fashions in blues and yellows, sexy plunging necklines, and lots of fun, flirty dresses, her fall collection is sure to bridge the seasons with some sophisticated surprises. Stick around for the 9 pm show to see the casual and laid back collections from Alternative Apparel, WeSC and Victoria, Canada grown Sitka. This past year, Sitka made huge leaps in their success, opening stores in both Vancouver, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand. Their collections of coastal surf-inspired tees, jeans, hoodies, and plaid shirts for men and women will bring a unique ease and comfort to eco-fashion that shouldn't be missed.



  Prophetik - Vancouver Eco Fashion Week 2010. Photo by Peter Holst Photography

The Prophetik show wraps up the week at 8 pm on Friday, February 25th. After showcasing a mind-blowing collection at last year's Eco Fashion Week, the UK-based designers are sure to reveal fall fashions for men and women that will be worth the wait. Skinny ties and tailored vests for men, and intricately detailed dresses and shirts for women underscore their attention to the finer points of clothing design. With this high profile time slot, the show is the perfect way to finish your week off, jump start your Friday night, and get inspired to look great while taking care of our planet.

Check out the complete schedule of runway shows, including many other Canadian designers and brands who will be travelling over the border. All shows are $20CAD. Purchase tickets online.





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written by jessica, February 27, 2011
I'm really looking forward to fairtrade fortnight - and see vogue.com is too with all of these fashion week updates http://www.vogue.co.uk/blogs/t...-week.aspx

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