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Thursday, 24 July 2008

So you’re hip to “recycle” and “reuse”, but not so big on “reduce”…your wardrobe is a mess and you need to get organized!

Enter our new favorite new find, The Green Hanger, this sturdy cardboard coat hanger is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste materials, fully recyclable and manufactured without the use of any glues, inks, or other non-renewable resources, plus the clever design has all the features to accommodate any garment from shirts to strappy dresses, pants and jackets.

Its success Down Under shows how far a simple idea can go in making the fashion and dry cleaning industries leaner and greener. Until July 27th, it’s being featured as part of Melbourne’s International Design Festival, in an amazing architectural dress by Jenny Bannister. And this new greenie is no stranger to the spotlight, in the past few months has hit the catwalk by supplying all the hangers for the 2008 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, it’s been featured in the news and has participated in the Sustainable Living Festival. It has also partnered with other funHANGER.jpg fashion initiatives like the Clothing Exchange (if you live in style savvy Melbourne, don’t miss the next swap Wednesday 30th July).

With hundreds of millions of plastic and wire coat hangers ending up in landfills around the world each year and taking over 100 years to break down maybe it’s time to make the switch.

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