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Eco Lustre - Mother's Day Magic
Written by Meg Orlinski - Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Charlotte necklace by Silver Spoon  

I believe the most heart warming and tear jerking songs from the North American childhood collective memory would be Wendy singing to the Lost Boys “Your Mother and Mine". After a long day of adventuring, rebellious wild children and pirates can be tamed by the soothing effects caring voice, reminding them of the essence of a mother; soft, caring, warm, guiding and forgiving.  It doesn’t seem to matter where I am in the world, how old or how “grown-up”, when this song comes on my eyes start to water and I long for my mother’s comforting arms.

In 2007 I was blessed to attend the Dali Lama’s Art of Happiness Tour in the Skydome in Toronto. When asked about the path to world peace and happiness, he responded; “Mothers, first love your children beyond all else.”

That is the magic of mommies. They have the ability to see past dirt stains, temper tantrums and sticky jam fingers and love the very essence of you. This unconditional motherly love helps ground you, the respect and morals helps you put down roots, and the ability to see through the rough patches is the nurturing comfort that helps you make the best out of any situation. They see the raw potential, and through love help guide you to be the best person you want to be.

I believe it’s important to give mothers presents and tokens of affection that reflect this magic. When shopping for your mother this holiday, why not give a gift that respects your mother’s ability to see and nurture the best potential? When you are buying your mother’s day gift, why not give back and purchase a gift that respects and nurtures our mother earth? This year you do not have to compromise style for substance to buy green. 


Eco Lustre sisters Natalia and Luda with their mom.

Eco Lustre is an online jewelry store that can help you do just that. All designers have been carefully chosen by sister owners Natalia Tisdale and Luda Samuels. This hand picked selection is eco-friendly from small US-based artisans, selected both for their contemporary appeal and ethical production methods. Eco Lustre selects artisans that create beautiful jewelry out of repurposed and sustainable metals and gems, or every day items turned into beautiful accents full of meaning in their second life.

Here is a selection of pieces from the store I believe would delight any mother.



Unchained Dreams pearl bracelet by J&I.
Like a dreamy web of stars, this silver and pearl beaded bracelet is a delight to see and wear. It’s hand crafted in the US made from freshwater Keshi pearls.




Flower Star necklace by Daphne Olive.
This simple, delicate bamboo pendant is a perfect, simple gift for a down-to-earth yet feminine wearer. Daphne Olive combines geometric lines and flower motifs to best bring out the soft qualities of bamboo and silver.




Silhouette Twig earrings by Carrie Saxl.
A great earring for a sunny and charismatic mother, as the simple geometric pattern of twigs gives an earth tone to the dangling disks of gold.




Pair of Owls Mother Child necklaces by Mark Poulin.
This pair of necklaces is too cute. Get this matching necklace pair for your favourite child/parent combo, and you can also buy additional pendants to fit any size family!




Record Ring by Amy Pfaffman.
Have a groovy chick mother? Does she tell you stories of revolution, love and rock and roll? Can she dazzle your musician friends with stories of how it was back in the day, and take over the dance floor of the family reunion? If so, give her this silver ring where the jewel is a piece of vinyl!




Infinity Three Circle necklace by Susan Fleming.
Three is a special number; an important player in mathematics, and is found in almost every religion and spiritual practice. This stunning pendant piece can be a perfect symbol for child, mother and grandmother.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Eco Fashion World. 

EFW writer Meg Orlinski is a Deadly Nightshade.

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