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One of the main documents created during the Eco 92 climate conference in Rio de Janeiro. Based on this document signed by 170 countries, a global action plan for social and environmental sustainability was created, ultimately resulting in many local agendas all over the world. Many eco fashion initiatives have also been inspired by Agenda 21.

Agriculture is strongly intertwined with the world economy, livelihood of the world's poor and biodiversity conservation. Agriculture uses more than half of the Earth's habitable land, employs more than one billion people and produces goods worth one trillion dollars annually. It’s also the biggest user of water, accounting for almost 70% of global withdrawals, and up to 95% in developing countries (FAO, 2006). Furthermore, pesticide and fertilizer use on agricultural crops lead to widespread ecological degradation. Estimates indicate that up to 40,000 lives are lost around the world each year due to improper pesticide application and handling (WHO, 2002).

The pesticides used in farming, livestock breeding and domestic environments. Examples are insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. They may also be the toxic solvents, paints, lubricants and products for cleaning and disinfection. They cause a lot of damage, both to the environment and the health of animals and human beings. 

We use the general term ‘alternative materials’ on this website for all materials that cannot be placed (yet) underneath other headings. Examples are alternative glues and fabrics that come from unclear resources.

Animal fibers are largely those which cover mammals such as sheep, goats and rabbits with well-known examples such as alpaca, merino, wool, fur and mohair. One eco innovation in animal fiber is the production of cruel-free silk or peace silk.

Clothing that was produced before the 1920s.


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