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Design that has been created in an environmentally sound way.

A creative process of transforming the way we do things through the use of environmentally sound technologies. Ecologic: In Greek, Eco = home and logos (or logia) = study, or science. Ernst Haeckel, a disciple of Charles Darwin, created the word in 1866 to designate a new science that studies the relationships between living creatures and their environment ("the home they live in”).

The sum of plants and animals within a given territory in the context of their interaction with their environment. Examples of ecosystems are lakes, forests and deserts.

The environmental aspect specific to the fashion industry is the issue of organic crop growth, using non-toxic dyes and developing new, sustainable fabrics made, for example, out of recycled materials. 

A way of dealing with nature that includes the preservation, maintenance, sustainable use and the restoration and rehabilitation of the natural environment. Environmental conservation aims to provide the greatest benefit for the current generation while maintaining the potential to meet the needs of future generations.

According to the resolution of the National Council on the Environment, the environmental impact is the change of the physio-chemical and biological environment caused by any form of matter or energy resulting from human activities. These activities, directly or indirectly, affect the health, safety, and welfare of the population; social and economic activities; the aesthetic conditions and health of the environment; and quality of resources.

Direction of human activities aimed at sustainable development. To be effective, it must be included in the planning and management of the production of goods and services at all levels - local, regional, national and international, in public administration and business.

The word ‘ethical’ on this website comprises four characteristics, namely the environment, social values, transparency and the preservation of traditional handicraft techniques.


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