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There are different kinds of latex: 100% latex - same as latex.  All natural latex - some manufacturers and retailers use this term to describe the blended latex they use to confuse customers into believing that they are 100% natural.  Blended latex - also known as Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR). produced with petrochemicals and does not have the resilience properties that 100% natural latex has.  Latex - can be synthetic, blended synthetic, or 100% natural.  Natural latex - could mean blended latex or 100% natural. In Europe, anything that has at least 20% natural latex is considered natural.

Lenpur is a novel textile fiber from a renewable resource: cellulose carefully selected from the branches of special trees. The remarkable properties of wood provides textile materials made from Lenpur with extraordinary properties. The main differences in Lenpur compared to other cellulose fibers is its softness, its absorption capacity, its ability to release dampness (as a yarn or fabric), its deodorant properties, and its absorption characteristics (due to its morphology). When mixed with other fibers, Lenpur is in "mechanical synergy" with them.


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