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In relation to fashion, we use the word ‘vegan’ for all fashion products that have been produced without the use of any material that comes from animals. This also includes, for example, glues in which products coming from animals can be traced.

Vegetable fibers are derived from the stem, leaf or seed of various plants. In many cases, the technique is ancient and is now being rediscovered as an ecological alternative to the polluting cotton industry.

Referring to products that have been produced without the use of leather or animal tissue products. Examples are shoes or bags made from “vegetal leather” using Amazonian rubber instead of animal skins.

A generic term for new or second hand garments created in the period from the 1920’s to 1975. Most vintage clothing has been previously worn, but a small percentage of pieces have never been worn or sold before. These are often old warehouse stock and are usually referred to by dealers as "dead stock", "old stock" or "new-old stock”. One of the reasons vintage is very popular nowadays is the increased interest in environmental sustainability in terms of reusing, recycling and repairing rather than throwing things away.

Viscose is the most common type of rayon, which is composed of regenerated cellulose. Derived from wood pulp, cotton linters, or other vegetable matter.


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