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Naturally Colored Organic Cotton
Written by Sonia Flotats - Tuesday, 03 June 2014



One of the main difficulties sustainable fashion designers encounter is in gaining access to 100% organic fabrics. So, when I heard the company Organic Cotton Colours - FOX FIBRE has decided to make it easier for fashion designers to have access to these types of materials, I did not hesitate to visit Santi Mallorquí, the new CEO of Organic Cotton Colours in Santa Cristina d'Aro (Girona, Catalunya), so he could tell me about the company's recent decision in greater detail.



Organic Cotton Colours - FOX FIBRE  was launched by Angel Sanchez 25 years ago to enhance their value while simultaneously improving the world of sustainable fashion. The main customers of Organic Cotton Colours to date have been people who, either by conviction or need (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or several pathologies triggered by chemical odors, etc.) have prioritized material qualities and characterstics over design. For quite some time now, the company has offered creations of high aesthetic value, such as designs made by designer Ana Voces. Organic Cotton Colours is characterized by the production of all kinds of garments (underwear, shirts, pants, baby clothing, towels and recently bedding) made from high quality, colored organic cotton which has a great hand and is offered in classic and very basic designs. The Organic Cotton Colours showroom is located on calle Teulera 138 in Santa Cristina de Aro  (Costa Brava), and they also have a brand new online store.



The changes I want to tell you about are those I was introduced to as we moved into the back room of Organic Cotton Colours. As the curtain that separates the public space from a more private room, we face rolls and rolls of 100% organic colored cotton. "These are the fabrics we want fashion designers to know about and use in their creations," Santi said. He adds, "Our value is represented in this 100% organic colored cotton and not in the design sector." "We have strategically decided to promote the sale of our fabrics to young designers with savvy aesthetic criteria and on trend connoisseurs who will transform them into sustainable fashion designs." Organic Cotton Colours currently has over twenty options of various fabrics in stock and they may also be purchased online. You can even buy a pack with all the available samples.

 The commitment of Organic Cotton Colours does not end there. In order to ensure the origin, quality and sustainability of this 100% organic colored cotton, Organic Cotton Colours has decided to pour additional efforts into controlling the origin of the material, by starting to grow their own cotton fields and avoiding purchase from a third party. This also ensures the stability and working conditions of the people who grow it. “This way we can put a face and name to the people who grow this cotton and who are the source of these fabrics used by fashion designers to materialize their creations,” says Santi.



Another element to be taken into account is the location of these fields. "They are in Brazil because the climate of the area can greatly reduce one of the main environmental problems caused by growing organic cotton, which is water consumption," Santi explains. He adds, "And with the weather in Brazil, we need only irrigate fields with water from the rain." The Organic Cotton Colours team is fully aware that this is a somewhat risky venture, because if a drought occurs, the production will crash, but considering the production of 250 gr of cotton, requires the use of 2,750 liters of water, they feel it is essential to take this risk.



The cotton grown by Organic Cotton Colours includes raw colored cotton, green colored cotton and brown colored cotton. It offers an option in cotton that does not require any dye, as it grows in its natural earth-given color. For anyone in search of a supplier offering organic cotton, Organic Cotton Colours presents an interesting option, allowing you to buy from a meter of fabric at wholesale prices, and from a company offering true transparency.





Sonia Flotats is the Editor of soGOODsoCUTE.com, a sustainable fashion blog. Sonia is also a digital journalist specializing in social and environmental projects, who also handles marketing and communications consultancy for NGOs, cooperatives and social enterprises. Sonia has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from the Autonoma Barcelona University and Post-degree in NGO Management from ESADE. Sonia is a Board Member for the Sustainable Fashion Barcelona Association.


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