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Creativity Can Care: Cocccon
Written by Maria Perrou - Friday, 13 May 2016



Leading a rich life means to create value in all our actions and activities, which most times cannot be counted in mere numbers. Although luxury is often linked to high cost, excess and exploitation of resources, there are brands which prove that luxury can be ethical and move to sustainable paths. Through an interesting interview, Mr. Prakash, founder of the Cocccon brand shares his story and vision on how eco-luxury can be redefined and help societies grow ethically in the long term.



Eco Fashion World:  “Cocccon” with three “C”’s in a row, counting for Creativity Can Care. Please give us a brief overview of your venture and your business model. Introduce us briefly into the “Cocccon” world.

Mr. Prakash:  The story of Cocccon began almost three years ago, when we planned and created a system where we as designers have the opportunity to create designs which care for life, environment and ecology.  We are meticulous regarding our designs, but we were not focusing and putting our energy into how our creation would be realized. From there, creativity can care was born. We made a business model where creating jobs and opportunities for my village people, was a primary factor, so they can become economically independent.

Sericulture sustains a traditional work among villagers, but they used to work under harmful working conditions, exposing themselves to high toxicity, low level of sustainable mentality, inadequate care for the environment and exploitation of farmers. Our approach was to alter the existing situation by continuing the sericulture without using any genetic-toxic sprays and respecting the life of our silk moth-butterfly. However, marketing was also an important factor so as to ensure the success of our venture.

In Cocccon, we use the traditional Indian way of weaving and printing, but we choose updated international marketing policies so as to communicate our message and products in a better way.

EFW:  What is your background regarding fashion design?

MP:  I am a graduate from the National institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) New Delhi and I have also earned my Masters in Fashion Marketing from Domus Academy in Milan.



EFW:  How did you come up with the idea of the “Cocccon” brand and what motivated you to invest in ethical fashion?

MP:  The initial idea was to create a label named creativity can care. However, the communication designer expressed the argument that this name would be a bit complicated for non-English European countries. So, we compressed our 3Cs into silk cocoons, and came up with COCCCON.

EFW:  Although a sometimes misunderstood term, what does “ecoluxury” mean to you? What would be your definition?

MP:  Eco luxury is a highly recognizable term these days. Based on a research done by Greenpeace, we have learnt that a 5000-euros suit may contain the same level of toxic components as a 2-euros t-shirt.  All designers and especially those who create and produce luxury fashion, have this responsibility to take care of their clients. Selling harmful toxic outfits for a big amount of money is not good business for long term. Speaking as an entrepreneur, from a cost perspective, they should spend a little more money to ensure the final product is made without toxins, and in parallel, respecting tailors and other workers, who should be well paid under fair trade or ILO norms.



EFW:  What do you care most about with regard to your business activities? Please, prioritize your concerns. 

MP:  When it comes to business, our major care consists of three basic things: sustainable production, very good designs and good marketing.

We have a good combination regarding applying marketing policies to our goods in Europe and producing sustainably in India. We have a good team of Indo-German Designers who know what to create that can be realized sustainably and sold for a profit.

EFW:  In which ways does “Cocccon” provide sustainable development to the silk-cocoon cultivators’ society?

MP:  First of all, we provide support to our cultivators’ society from an economic perspective in life. Moreover, our working environment respects, follows and runs based on ILO and GOTS norms. Our training centers have provided cultivators a kind of self-confidence. We are GOTS approved and certified.



EFW:  What is your personal mantra?

MP:  Live and let others live.

EFW:  What qualifies as “ethical” to you?

MP:  I perceive “ethical” through a more spherical view, where all aspects of business and the production chain are sustainable, beginning with fiber and reaching to retail.

EFW:  Who are the people you want to thank for inspiring and supporting you and your whole effort so far?

MP:  I would like to thank first of all, the entire team of Cocccon India and Cocccon UG, Germany for supporting me during odd times. 


Designer on Loom

EFW:  Where can we find your colorful silky designs?

MP:  Through our cooperations with many stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, we are on the way to launch our online store soon.

EFW:  What are your next plans/projects/collaborations?

MP:  Our next plans have to do with further expansion of the brand and the meaning of sustainable fashion, by selling our things in India, USA, Australia and UK. Project-wise we are starting a new LIVESTOCK and GOTS certified project for organic wool.

EFW:  What is your personal message to customers regarding sustainability and eco-fashion?

MP:  It’s never too late to start buying organic or sustainable fashion. Buy less and choose sustainable.


We are all powerful. We are consumers. Our choices have the power to transform the societies we live in and the world in general. In order to build a better future, everyone needs to participate. Cocccon brand proves that a company can flourish through helping other people grow and make a change.

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